There has always been concern among the Century 23 staff as to the environmental impact of the work we do, and although you may not realise it, you have been using one of the most environmentally friendly companies in Europe.

From 1990 when it first became commercially available we insisted upon using CTP technology which as well as improving print quality, removes poisonous silver oxide from the print process. All paper used for production of your paper print is from a sustainable forest source and a recycled option is available too. We recycle and reuse all chemicals involved in the print presses together with aluminium plates and waste material. We use soya- or vegetable- based inks when printing. Our rubbish is recycled, our electricity supply monitored, the carbon footprint of our transport offset; and we insist on ISO9001, 9002 and/or 14001 from our presses.

Century 23 will continue to monitor its impact upon the environment to ensure the best possible future for our world.