Your delivery will be made by courier. This will be an overnight service – ensure that you are aware that the date of despatch is not the same as the date of delivery.

Couriers will come to your address between 9am and 6pm. If the delivery is not there by midday please give us a ring to get a consignment number. Once you have received this then it is probably a good idea to ring the courier for a delivery status update.

In the unlikely event something has gone wrong then we will always ask you to ring the courier direct. Your knowledge of your local area is much better than ours, and relaying information between clients and couriers will only lead to confusion. You will have been emailed your consignment number on the day of despatch and this can be used on the couriers’ websites to track your delivery.

If you are unable to receive deliveries during business hours (9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday) then you should find a business address for your goods to be delivered to. Our couriers will not guarantee deliveries to home addresses due to the trouble with being able to actually make these, and due to their high workloads they will not specify delivery times as a matter of course. Should you wish a specific delivery time, pre-12, pre-1030, and pre-9am deliveries are available. These will in all likelihood bring your earliest delivery time forward to 8am so please ensure there is somebody available from 8am to receive premium deliveries. We are unable to specify afternoon deliveries or any ‘post-2pm’ delivery times.

If you decide to change your delivery address, we are unable to guarantee success unless this is done the day BEFORE we despatch. On the day of despatch your consignments are already booked, boxes barcoded and goods may be packed off as early as 11am and shrinkwrapped onto pallets for transfer to our courier depots.

Please note that our terms of service are such that we undertake to do our job, and the couriers undertake to do theirs. Thus, legal liability for your order passes to the couriers when we have the goods picked up. We undertake to print your work in good time and to have it ready for uplift on the date of despatch. However we cannot be held liable for actual or consequential loss, damage, or third party costs incurred by loss or damage by any courier firm or after delivery to you. If such a disaster does happen, any insurance, damages or reparations claim would be covered by the terms and conditions of the courier firm. We will chase such a claim for you and may undertake at our discretion to print your goods again in advance of such an occurrence, but are under no obligation to do either.

If goods appear to have been damaged during transit you must sign for the goods as “Damaged” or “Not Inspected” so that we can successfully claim from the courier.